User Lists

Marc Rivers
Marc Rivers is the Managing Editor of A Tribe Called News. Marc is interested in all things film and pop culture. Have a tip for him? Tweet him at @marcarivers.
Maya Cade
Executive Editor
Maya Cade is the Executive Editor and Founder of A Tribe Called News. She is passionate about all things digital, minority and women. Formerly, Maya was the Deputy Editor of Howard University's Hilltop Newspaper. A Tribe Called News is her baby and vision. Follow her on Twitter @mayascade.
Joseph Coco
Hailing from the south, with the scars to prove it, Joseph Coco is here to uplift everyone through their writing. A southern bird of paradise, they not only want to take everyone up on their wings, but they want to fly free of any and all oppressions and heaviness.
Paige is a senior theatre arts administration student at Howard University. She loves to read and write about art, music, womanism, Black nerd culture and more. Her long term aspirations include cultivating her writing skills, expanding the diversity of representations of Black people, and participating in activism through the arts.