How Riley Curry Captured Our Heart and Our #LifeGoals

Amidst the media circus that is the NBA playoffs, an unexpected star has arisen. At no taller than three feet, this star is a true playmaker. She is none other than tiny tot Riley Curry. The young Curry embodies what many would call the “terrible two’s.”

While Daddy speaks during press conferences, Riley racks up on steals including the microphone, her daddy’s moment, and the hearts of many viewers. She bounces around under the table and prances about in the curtains.

Riley’s opponents, some sports media professionals, say that her presence at the press conferences is unprofessional and scrutinize Steph’s decision to bring her in the conference. Many shun Riley’s antics, saying that there is no place for her disruptive behavior at the press conferences.

Even after receiving so much criticism, Steph Curry brought Riley up to the podium again. Immediately, Riley went to work. This is where her role as playmaker kicks in.

The daddy daughter duo do their part in combating the stereotype of the mythical African-American deadbeat dad, one that has been perpetuated for generations. Along with her cuteness, Riley dishes out an assist to black fathers all over the world. The media has consistently portrayed black families as an anomaly.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of babies born to unwed black women was among the highest (72 per 1,000 births were to unmarried women), second only to Hispanics (106 per 1,000). However, this statistic is on a decline.

Riley Curry represents the children of supposedly elusive African two-parent households while Steph represents the active black father. Score.  Although Riley gets the MVP, honorable mention goes to sixth (wo)man Ayesha Curry for being wife and mommy to the dynamic daddy daughter duo.

Riley has dominated the podium in more ways than one. When asked how to slow MVP Steph, LeBron James responded, “Same way you slow me down. You can’t.” Arguably, the same could be said about Riley.

In the words of 2013-2014 NBA MVP, Riley Curry, “You the real MVP.”


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