The Summer of the Carefree Black Girl is Here!

You read the headline correctly and we’re going to keep this short and simple. Though Black Music Month has passed, the #CarefreeBlackGirl Summer is here.

This playlist is for all the carefree brown girls who want to get down like Lo Down Loretta Brown. This mix, composed solely of songs by women of color, is for everyone from the brown girl working her first internship to the brown girl spending her summer hustlin’. If you have a suggestion of something to add to the mix, leave us a comment below!

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  1. Aisha Konneh 3 years ago

    Just Do You and Video by India Arie are really great songs! She’s such a talented artist.

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    1. Maya Cade
      Maya Cade 3 years ago

      We’ll definitely add those to the list 🙂 We love India!

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