8 Black Web Series You Should Watch Now

Is the weather getting you down? Tired of the mediocre mid-season programming? Need some variety throughout your day? With the internet becoming more and more essential to everyday life and the emergence of quality scripted programing through digital mediums, your beacon of hope for decent entertainment could be found in a web series. But why just any old web series? Here’s a look at eight original web series featuring Black casts.

8. No Strings, Please

“No Strings, Please,” an official selection for the LA Web Series Festival, tells the story of a young Brooklynite who moves to The District for her first career opportunity and the pursuit of a definite purpose. This quirky, dark comedy will engulf viewers long before they reach the final episode.

7. Quarter Century

This web series, a production of a D.C. native, tackles the idea of what it means to be ‘grown’ and tells the stories of a group of friends as they navigate through what seems to be a ‘quarter life crisis’ in The District and their pursuit of stability, visible personal growth, and the ‘American Dream’.

6. Lenox Avenue

Self-proclaimed as a “sexy dramatic series,” this web series focuses on three men and their escapades throughout Harlem. Lenox Avenue has generated a large following and is one of the most talked about Black web series.

 5. rommieloverfriends

This popular web series brought to you by ‘Black & Sexy TV’ co-partnered with Issa Rae involves male and female roommates who end up sleeping together and the events that quickly escalate thereafter. Need we say more?

4. Brothers With No Game

“Brothers With No Game” is a UK blog turned web series that is set in London, following the romantic and social life of four friends bonded by their lack of ‘game.’ Need a pick-me-up or laugh? This award winning, acclaimed series is for you.

3. The Unwritten Rules

This web show, based on the book “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman” chronicles the life of the relatable situation of being the only Black employee at a mostly White company. This comedic approach to real life situations is endearing and a must-watch.

 2. Milk + Honey


“milk + honey” chronicles four African-American women making their dreams a reality in Hollywood while also following their romantic, spiritual, and professional journeys. “milk + honey” also serves as Idris Alba’s first Executive Producer role, along with roles featuring Howard alums Debbie Allen and Lance Gross.

1. The Couple

This highly-rated and highly-viewed web series, also a production of Black & Sexy TV, explores the pitfalls and uprisings that many couples have to deal with time and time again. “The Couple’s” quirky, real, and adored representation of black love has plans of hitting the big screens soon.

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